We Need Each Other 1+2

9.900 kr
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Wendy Plovmand | Handmade Painting | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Technique: Acrylic & medium on linen 
Size: H30 W80 D4 cm (the two pieces combined)
Exclusively available at The Ode To

With pastel colours and a dreamlike expression, this artwork, consisting of two unique pieces, is simply irresistible. 

"The work takes its inspiration from investigating traces of handling the virgin canvas and how the traces of the artistic process finally manifest itself into the final artwork. It is a series of work that in a pure and simplistic way mirrors time, trace and the physical body movement (draping, folding, stretching) that have been involved in the artistic process of creating the work." Wendy Plovmand

Details: The artwork is signed by the artist on the back. The pieces can be placed together or separately and in different directions. 

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