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The Ode To | Drawings | Kassandra Widmark Utas | Phaces

Editions: 1 (handmade)
Technique: liquid ink drawing
Size: 12x19 cm
Exclusively available at The Ode To

With the series 'Phaces' Kassandra envisions faces through phases and with few and thoughtful lines her characters show strong personalities. Each drawing is entirely unique. 

About: Kassandra Widmark Utas is a musician, drawer and sculptor based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her drawings are minimal, but dramatic. Behind the few and clean lines lie years of practice to find the energetic and fast process needed to capture a real face.  Read Kassandra Widmark Utas' artist portrait

Details: Sold together with a white passepartout. The original is signed by the artist. Please note that all handmade artworks may have slight charming imperfections. It's shipped in a protective cardboard. You may frame it to your liking. 

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