Psychedelic Mirror Wavy

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Caia Leifsdotter | Psychedelic Mirror Wavy | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade
Material: Acrylic on MDF
Size: 70 cm high, 50 cm wide

This is an updated, asymmetrical and wavier version of the popular Psychedelic Mirror. We love this eye-catching artwork and how it gives a new dimension of reality. With changeable and uncontrollable reflections, this artwork has a magical and watery look and gives a unique art experience. 

By using acrylic on MDF the artist Caia Leifsdotter has a creative and impressive approach to design. Depending on angle and perspective this artwork shows how our world can be seen differently. With minimalistic shapes yet with a mesmerizing expression, this one-of-a-kind is contemporary and timeless. 

Details: this wall art is mounted on a wooden plate with steel wire on the back for wall hanging. It's signed on the back. The photos are examples of what the artwork looks like, but as each one is handmade there are some variations to each artwork and might come with some imperfections. Try to avoid touching the front of the artwork and dust it with a dry cloth to avoid fingerprints on the surface. 

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