Psychedelic Vase

5.900 kr
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Caia Leifsdotter | Psychedelic Vase | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade and unique
Material: Acrylic on MDF
Size: H30 W13 cm

This unique and eye-catching vase gives a new dimension of reality. With changeable and uncontrollable reflections this vase has a magical and watery look that looks amazing with any kind of flower in it.

Depending on angle and perspective this artwork shows how our world can be seen differently. Caia Leifsdotter shows a unique and creative approach to design by using minimalistic shapes yet with a mesmerizing expression.

Details: Try to avoid touching the front of the artwork and dust it with a dry cloth to avoid fingerprints on the surface. The vase comes with a glass insert which makes it perfect for flowers.

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