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The Ode To | Artworks | Anna Morgado | Raw

Editions: 1 (handmade)
Material: unglazed black stoneware
Size: ~16 cm high, 10 cm wide
Exclusively created for The Ode To

We love this piece because it's a very free and modern take on the sculptures of the Renaissance and Classic era. The feminine shape has been explored with freedom, rather than a rigid anatomic depiction, and we appreciate the female gaze that is more poetic and forgiving. The unglazed clay gives a very raw and tactile surface. We love the fine details like the tiny belly button and the collarbones. 

The nitty gritty: It's signed by the artist with a stamp on the bottom. Please note that all handmade objects may have charming little imperfections and colour variations.

About Anna Morgado: she grow up in Rio, learnt about ceramics in Lisbon and now lives in Amsterdam where we found her. She's is driven by material research with a big focus on natural characteristics, texture and colour. This is balanced by her Brazilian flow and energy. Read Anna Morgado's artist portrait and how her creativity connects her to femininity. 

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