3.500 kr
Emeli Höcks | Dice Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: Recycled paper, sea shells, seaweed, natural glue, steel wire
Size: 21x17,5x17,5 cm
Exclusively created for The Ode To

This is not just a pretty artwork, it's also a a testament of sustainability as it's made from all natural ingredients. Artist Emeli Höcks has an astounding passion for sustainability and has developed this composite material herself, using food waste and natural materials such as paper as well as sand and seaweed from the Swedish west coast.

The innovative material has a beautiful texture where you see the natural ingredients. The materials is wrapped around a steel wire, shaped into a fantastical form and then sand papered smooth. The result is lightweight, yet durable. It can be placed on any angle and is remarkably easy on the eyes from any side. 

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