4.500 kr
Lisa Hartwig Ericson | Motherhood Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade and unique 
Material: Glazed ceramics & sculpted, mouth-blown glass
Size: ~25 cm high, 17 cm wide 

The series Motherhood aims to communicate bodily experiences and feelings, in this artist's case it's the balancing act of becoming a mother. The feeling of being both exhausted and happy at the same time, all while someone is literally holding on to you. 

This piece is one-of-its-kind and has a marbled ceramic bottom and a silvery glass top that balances in an almost impossible position. We love this rare combination of ceramics and glass. 

Details: it's signed by the artist on the bottom. The two separate parts cannot be removed from each other. Keep in mind that all handmade artworks can have charming little imperfections and show traces of the artist's handmade process. 

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