Solid Glass Piece

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Mia Lerssi | Solid Glass Piece | The Ode To

Material: solid glass sculpture
Size small: approximately 10-13 cm wide, 3-5 cm high
Size medium: approximately 13-16 cm wide, 3-6 cm high

Glowing, smooth and absolutely brilliant - these solid glass pieces have a magic look that change as the light shines through them. Each one is handmade and have an organic and unique shape. They are soft to the touch with a silky texture. We love them because you can place them anywhere and they will add some life to your home. They also remind us of the smooth glass pieces that you find at the beach and have been polished by the sea. 

Please note that the images show examples, as they are handmade shapes and sizes may vary. As with all handmade glass items, they may have tiny little air bubbles in them. 

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