Surfaces 025

3.500 kr
Kelly Jay | Of Visual Forms | Surfaces Collage | The Ode To

Editions: Original artwork (unique)
Material: Collage in 100% cotton rag paper
Size: 30x30 cm

This collage expresses the visual poetics of geometric forms, with beautiful texture and subtle tactility. The rugged and strong paper is 100% cotton and handmade in India. The collages focus on the simplicity of form and celebrate the naturally imperfect surfaces of the handmade paper. The compositions are intuitive and unique - no piece is exactly the same. Each piece has a slight three-dimensional quality to it, which is enhanced by the individual paper forms being carefully layered and ordered in an intentional way.

Details: It's signed on the bottom and the back by the artist. Please note that all handmade objects may have charming little imperfections and colour variations. 

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