Trash Vase

3.500 kr
Josefin Zachrisson | Trash Vase | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade & unique
Material: off-white jesmonite
Size: approx 12 cm high, 18 cm wide

This is obviously anything but trash, however a trash bag was involved in the making of this vase. For the series “Trash” Josefine has casted fluid jesmonite in a trash bag and then moulded it in different layers as it hardens. Jesmonite is a mixture of plaster and resin that hardens, and becomes strong and solid, without the use of an oven. It’s a pure experimental process, making each piece completely unique. We simply love the contours, silken texture and overall bold look.

The concept behind this series is to play with context. With her vases, Josefin wants to question a word, a material, as well as an object. 

About Josefin Zachrisson: a recent graduate from Beckman's Collage of Design in Stockholm, who's work is buzzing and, according to us, on the brink of great future artistry. After four years of art and design studies she is now constantly finding more ways to express her thoughts, feelings, and ideas through creating unique pieces. Her art is intuitive and lead by emotions that are often found in her pieces, making the process behind the work as important as the result. Read Josefin Zachrisson's artist portrait

Details: It's signed by the artist on the bottom. Please note that all handmade objects may have charming little imperfections and colour variations. Jesmonite is a hard material, but little chips might break during transit and handling, without losing its great look. 

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