3.500 kr
The Ode To | Tove Blanck | Blåst Vase

Editions: Handmade and unique 
Material: Stoneware, hand-painted with engobe, glazed
Size: 23 cm high, 13 cm wide

This series of handmade vases is meant to feel hopeful and dramatic. It draws inspiration form vintage comic books with its strong colour and sharp shadows. The illustrations get a sort of movement as they're painted on a three-dimensional surface and you need to turn the vase to get the full picture. 

Each vase in the series is hand-thrown and the illustrations are painted using engobe (a sort of ceramic paint). We love the nostalgic yet contemporary look of this vase. 

Details: it's signed by the artist on the bottom. There's only one vase like this. Keep in mind that all handmade artworks can have charming little imperfections. 

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