750 kr
Abid Javed | Mini Stoneware Vase | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: Stoneware
Size: H8 W6 D3 cm

This handbuilt mini vase comes with great personality and charm. By using a combination of pinching, coiling and slab methods, artist Abid Javed has created a tactile and timeless piece showing the breathtaking beauty of clay. 

In contrast to Abid Javed’s day job in biochemistry, where he looks at the complexities found in structures in biology, his ceramic work strives for simplicity. By shedding all details and looking at objects transparently and into their skeletal architecture, Javed’s work takes an abstract turn to bringing biological concepts and forms to life via sculptures and vessels.

Details: It's signed on the bottom by the artist. 

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