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We want to make it more effortless for you to find something special for your home that's neither mass-produced or crazy expensive, while supporting female artists' work at the same time. Discover handmade sculptures, paintings, drawings and more:

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Supporting female artists

The Ode To takes our name, and philosophy, from the notion of giving tribute. We always work with artists that we truly admire, both male and female, and strive to find a balance that ensures a creative platform for women. As curators, we bring part of the present moment to light, which gives us the opportunity to counterweight the imbalance that exists in the art world.

Handmade & Unique

These are original artworks that are made by the hands of the artist. This means that every artwork has its own shape, colour and look, while still keeping an accessible price so that you can get something truly special. 

The Ode To great aesthetics, strong women, art buffs, dreamy spaces and all other things we treasure.

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