Art that gives spaces a calm, yet expressive impact. That is what Soraya Forsberg, the Swedish artist, aims to contribute with her art. By playing with shapes and colours she creates paintings that show how art can be made from basically nothing. By using material that otherwise would be waste as her artistic canvas and base for her creativity, Soraya Forsberg gives waste material a new life. We love this sustainable and inventive approach to art.

When it comes to the creative process - it all starts with a certain feeling from which Soraya Forsberg creates colours and shapes. The colours are carefully chosen and used in different layers. The interest in shape and colours is nothing new but has changed through the years. Set design, interior and product designer – Soraya Forsberg is a true creator that lives for design in different ways.

The artworks in the series “Diverse Art”, made exclusively for The Ode To, captures shapes and colours in perfection. Made on reused plywood with carefully chosen colours Soraya Forsberg’s vision was to create art that goes well in all types of rooms and homes. Each painting consists of two pieces which makes them twice as nice! The paintings make an impact wherever it is placed and as the name tells these artworks can be diverse and shifting – dare to be creative and playful!