About The Ode To


The Ode To great aesthetics, strong women, art buffs, dreamy spaces, perfected details and all other things we treasure.

The Ode To is an online gallery and an effortless way of discovering contemporary art by emerging artists. We careful collect and create limited and one-of-a-kind artworks to reasonable prices, so that you can get something truly special that few others have. 

The Ode To means tribute - our tribute is to great artistry and design, and not the least to female artistry. We mainly work with female creatives to counterweight the imbalance that exists also within the design and art world. Women are overrepresented as the humans that study, make and buy art, and yet they're underrepresented among those that are heard, awarded and paid more. We always choose to work with creatives whose artistry we admire, both male and female, but we will also work harder to give women a platform for their creativity. Not a bad thing ;)

The Ode To launched in Spring 2018 by friends Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins. We've always shared a passion for art, interior and things that pleases the eyes,  but found art galleries to be intimidating and expensive and got tired of our cheap old posters. So instead we've selected our favourite artworks from our creative community and inspirers. 

The Ode To Helena Carlberg Anna Lukins