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An evening pottery class changed the whole direction on Siri Jaffe's life, as she left her job in the medic field to pursue a career within art. Her artworks have a certain playfulness about them, with charming motifs from Mediterranean bistros. At the same time they' re meticulously made and it's as if she painted with clay and we're utterly impressed by her technique.  

Can you tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist?

– My background is in the medic field but life changed after an evening pottery class. I quit my job to go to art school focusing on sculpture and from there continued in ceramic school for a year. I currently work and teach ceramics at studio Flick in Göteborg.

What inspired you to create the artworks you have made for The Ode To?

– A favourite way to spend time: drinking wine in Mediterranean bistros.

What technique have you used?

– I’ve worked with porcelain clay building illustrations by dyeing the clay and using slab technique in layers. Details are added with underglazes. The porcelain is coated in clear glaze and fired to 1260 degrees Celsius.

How would you describe your art and aesthetics in three words?

– Classy and precise, yet playful