Transcendent Fluidity

At The Ode To we are always curious to learn more about creativity and artistry, so we asked Lydia Wermelskirchen, the artist behind Abstraktstudio, to tell us a little bit about her life, her art and her sources of inspiration.


What do you call your series of artworks?

– 'Blob'. This symbolizes the constant state of change and transformation in life, encompassing both the unstoppable phenomena of nature and unpredictable events that can disrupt our emotional stability. 'Blob' presents an opportunity to delve into the interplay of form and change in time and space, extending an invitation to introspection and reflection.

What technique have you used?

– I use high-quality stoneware clay, which I glaze with stoneware glaze and fire at 1220 degrees Celsius. To enhance them further, I perform a third firing with genuine platinum. The shaping process involves using the slab-building technique, where I roll out the clay, cut it into pieces using handmade templates, and meticulously assemble and shape them by hand.

What inspired you to create the artworks you have made for The Ode To?

– When I embarked on my journey through the captivating landscapes of Lanzarote in 2021, an idea for a new artwork began to take shape in my mind. I named it "Blob," a hybrid creation that seamlessly blended elements of a vase and a sculpture. Its amorphous shaping and precarious positioning went beyond being a mere visual representation of lava formations in Lanzarote's volcanic landscape. Instead, it encapsulated an emotional journey intertwined with the solitude and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Blob series reflected the merging of the beauty found in layer upon layer of solidified lava with the fragile nature of human emotions.

Can you tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist?

– My journey began in Kazakhstan in the late 1980s, but I spent my formative years in the bustling heart of Germany, the Ruhr area. Growing up in this bicultural milieu, I quickly learned to navigate and question societal norms. This ignited my desire for rebellion, shaping my distinctive perspective on life.

My affinity for capturing experiences and impressions through analog photography developed early on. Embracing the new and the unknown soon became a defining aspect of my life, significantly influencing my artistic path.

Following my training as a design assistant, I pursued a degree in Communication Design at a renowned university in Düsseldorf, earning a Bachelor of Arts. Since 2021, I have been working as a self-taught ceramic artist.

Inspired by the transient nature of existence and in pursuit of a fresh visual language, I explore the fine line between abstraction and reality in my work. Through my art, I strive to capture and offer a profoundly captivating glimpse into the complexity of the human experience.

How would you describe your art and aesthetics in three words?

– Amorphous, Transient, Abstract

What we love about ABSTRAKTSTUDIO:

Lydia Wermelskirchen, known as Abstraktstudio, mesmerizes with her 'Blob' series, where stoneware clay transforms into amorphous, transient masterpieces. Inspired by the volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote, each piece encapsulates the beauty of nature and the emotional journey through the lens of an artist navigating the uncertainties of the world.