Fanny Ollas is the person behind the wonderfully imaginative vases in the series 'Emotional Pieces'. She started out as a fashion designer, but has since changed her career to work with ceramics and sculpture. It was a welcome change of focus to a new material that can convey a naive and humorous aspect with a tendency to evoke emotions and sympathy.

Fanny Ollas Artworks

"For me the clay is a metaphor for both the body and the mind and through the clay it is possible for me to translate my inner world into material. I see my sculptures and objects as bodies or characters and to me clay has a lot of personality; it can be both fragile, beautiful, rough and clumsy at the same time."

Fanny Ollas' exclusive collection for The Ode To is called ”Emotional pieces” and it is part of a larger work to try to capture different mental experiences or emotions into functional objects. See Fanny Ollas' collection of playful and surrealistic vases.

The Ode To Fanny Ollas   The Ode To Fanny Ollas