Growing up in a small town in Sweden can really do wonders to your creativity as there really isn't that much to do, which turned out to be a great starting point for Fanny Schultz. Painting, sketching and creating was her means of escape and a language that came naturally even before she could say words or know what art is. 

Fanny Schultz Artworks


Fanny Schultz is a sculptor and illustrator and the common denominator in her artistry is humans, animals and nature. The series 'Viola' shows her fascination of human body and the complex relationship we have to it. Softness in shape and feel can often be the result of someone strong. Fanny first started doing these sculptures when she was pregnant with her first child. It's named after her grandmother and bares the same name as her daughter's middle name. 

Fanny's thought behind the sculptures is to make something powerful, yet fragile with soft forms and obvious countenance. The hope is for the viewer to find new favourite spots each time they look at it and that it gives a sense of strength to that person's home. We certainly love the voluptuous and empowering feel of Viola, so take a closer look at Fanny Schultz' sculptures

The Ode To Fanny Schultz Artist Portrait  The Ode To Fanny Schultz Artist Portrait