The vase series "Coastal Stories" is an hommage to the sea and Josefina Feurst's fond childhood memories of time spent by the Swedish coast. Moments of total freedom and carelessness, while wading in the sea and carefully picking a particularly beautiful sea shell. The series also connects to calming and comforting effect water has on the artist as well as most humans. 

Josefina Feurst artist portrait

The handmade vases by Josefina Feurst are kept raw, which gives a surfaces that is reminiscent of wet sandy beaches. The inside has a glossy glaze that brings to mind the meeting between water and land. The surface is decorated by seashells casted from shells found in thrift shops and from oysters picked in the Bohuslän archipelago on the Swedish west coast. As one of The Ode To co-founders is raised on the same coast, this surely doesn't disappoint. 

Josefina Feurst artist studio

Like most artists the need to create was with Josefina from an early start and drawing, writing songs and poems was a safe constant that followed her through life. She finally settled on clay because of the versatility.

"I see my art as a balancing act between thought and coincidence, where I allow my idea to develop and shift during the process. As I get further into my work it will often tell me where it wants to go and then I just usually follow and see where it leads me."

Josefina Feurst uses traditional coiling methods, which is a technique that has been used for thousands of years. The preferred material is grogged clay, which is clay filled with sand, and gives a raw and structured surface. As Josefina uses her hands as her main tool and she intentionally leaves visible fingerprints on the urn. We love her appreciation for the natural material and the human touch. 

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Josefina Feurst artist portrait