In an infinitive world of shapes, Louise Bankander uses her creative and productive craftsmanship as her way to materialise mental pictures and imaginations. Based in Stockholm, she works broadly across areas such as art, fashion and photography. The use, examination and strong interest in different materials has always been present in the artistic life of Louise Bankander.

Foto: Henrik Korpi

"In 'Floating' I’m somewhat brutal in the sculpturing and colouring of the artwork. What fascinates me is the process of creating heaviness and force in a light material which gets sealed in by a hard shell of varnish."

The enthusiasm and happiness of exploring the properties of a material plays a big role in the creative process. In the series “Floating”, created for The Ode To, she shows how cork can be transformed into something unpredictable and playful. By using cork as her canvas she combines different structures and colours to create her own artistic voice. Inspired by the raw structures found in nature, and by different artefacts such as buoys and fishing floats, this collection is strikingly unique. We are more than happy that Louise Bankander discovered the fascinating possibilities with cork.