Art and togetherness

It says that communication is key to a great marriage. But perhaps, a shared artistic passion helps too. Public Studio, founded in 2012, is a collaborative family business between husband-and-wife duo Susanne Poltrago-Persson and Alexander Poltrago. Since the start, Public Studio have been designing, producing, and crafting marble objects and furniture for both private homes and public spaces.

“Our passion for natural stone, interiors and genuine artisanship urged us to establish our marble business.”

- Susanne & Alexander 

Before starting Public Studio, Susanne Poltrago-Persson worked within the art world for many years. Her experience ranged from being an artist herself, to running a gallery, and working with production for galleries, museums and established artists.

Today, the couple share a studio that is situated in a nature reserve just south of Stockholm. Together, they search for unique, beautiful marble and natural stone treasures from small scale quarries in Europe.

“My work in marble within Public Studio has always been based more in materiality over concept but, like my artwork, it also touches matters like passage of time and symbols like the Ruin.”

- Susanne

For The Ode To, Public Studio has created three different series, Spill Vase, Public Bookend and Color Series. Hand cut marble has been used to create the unique bookends that are equally practical and decorative. The Spill Vases are made from left-over marble and are contrasting in shapes and forms, creating the bold-meet-ascetic aesthetic that is typical for Public Studio. And last but not least, Color Series are a series of expressive collages made by Susanne Poltrago-Persson.

At The Ode To we are inspired by the love for all things beautiful that make Public Studio such a strong and visionary duoboth in life and art.