Dreaming of a life as an architect, photographer and art teacher, Stockholm based multi-artist Ulrika Nihlén chose to study it all. As if art school and photography school was not enough, she took painting courses and went to art teaching program. Maybe that is why she describes herself as a “happy soul” and someone that really loves what she does.

Finding the aesthetics of the architecture and art from the 90’s extra appealing, the interest in art and shapes is present in everything Ulrika Nihlén does. Today she uses the paint brush as well as the camera to express herself and the result is a unique and beautiful visual language that puts colours in center of attention.

Ulrika Nihléns interest in mixing colours and how colours interact with each other results in countless hours in search for the perfect tone of colour. The love and fascination of colours and how they speak to each other, is the essential part of her art - more than the motive. The art of Ulrika Nihlén combines colours and shapes in perfection that brings life to any kind of space. The artistic voice is stunning yet timeless and easy to love.

The fascination of mixing colours and shapes is highly present in the wall art series “Shapes“ – an exclusive collection made for The Ode To. In the paintings Ulrika Nihlén mixes both soft and hard shapes in different thoughtfully compiled colours. What connects all the paintings is her wish for the beholder to manage to follow the shapes and find a natural path in every painting.